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Treating PATIENTS from the inside out 

Mind - Body - Spirit

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Welcome to Carla Copas Health!

This healthcare practice takes a more progressive approach to medicine, rather than the traditional, "pharmaceuticals-first" methods that are very prevalent in healthcare today. Our providers treat patients from the inside out, including mind, body and spirit. We take into consideration environment, diet, physical activity level, and relationships. All of these things are integrated together to come up with the best plan of care for our patients.

Throughout history, different types of systems have evolved including holistic health, functional health, complimentary heath, and alternative health. After years of researching, practicing and listening to patients, we are certain that each of these approaches must be combined together to achieve the ultimate in healthcare.

I came to this clinic as a patient who was experiencing menopause. After trying the traditional hormone therapy and still having issues - I was seeking out your help. You put me on a cream. The cream has been working wonderfully!  No more issues with mood swings, depression, etc. I am SO much happier and not going "off of the deep-end" PMS-ing like I was before. Thanks for your help!

--Lora M.



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